4 ways how wearing deodorant will save your life

Hello everyone!

Deodorant is something we all have been handed over in one point in our lives, but somehow some of us really don’t make the best use of it. One of the main factors we all need to accept is that our bodies sweat and that there is no one in this world who smells good when it does.There are many benefits that comes with using this simple self grooming product that not only will save your life, but of all those around you. 

  1. Reduces body odor.

This is one of the main reasons why we all use deodorants and tbh it is the best invention ever. Our natural bodies sweat and results in that disgusting smell that we can’t stand- however, deodorant is there to ensure that it is under control. We have all come across a person in our life who have that bad sting of a smell and needs to use deodorants SO BAD. We have tried our best to be polite and state comments like “Did you forget your perfume today?” or even “I know what I’m getting for your birthday this year.” It really does make a difference because it’s just the simple courtesy and mannerly to do so.

2. Gives you confidence.

I’m not going to lie but this is one of the main reasons why I swear by my deodorant. I personally just love how confident I feel because I don’t have to worry about how I smell the entire day. None of us want to be the awkward person with the awkward smell and deodorant makes such a huge difference. 

One tip I want to mention is to just spend a little few hundred bucks and get a good deodorant brand. There are so many great brands in the market that lasts further than 24 hours and trust me they are amazing.  Trust me it will make you feel so good and cut you some slack off having to worry because those last for a very long time.

3. Keeps you fresh.

Nothing beats the feeling of a good wash, a nice pampering session with self grooming/ personal care products and having on clean clothes. Just like I said in the previous point, deodorant helps you stay fresh the entire day. Since this helps block out the odor it makes us smell like we are clean and fresh out of the shower. Once again, having a cheap way to keep smelling like fresh cut roses is reason enough to own a good ol’ bottle of deodorant.

4. Good substitute for perfume.

Thank god for my mini perfume in my bag, however I won’t deny the times I have forgotten to put perfume on but have lasted purely on deodorant. I have come across so many people that have forgotten their perfumes and just keep praying they don’t need to leave the AC and go outside for the day. This is why deodorant is a holy grail when it comes to being a good backup for perfume because it already smells great and for all those of you who are minimalists, you don’t need to buy more products to keep you smelling good!

Deodorant should be encouraged for more people to be used because it is just the right thing. It should be considered like soap, important to be clean. There are people who think deodorant is only for people who smell and not common courtesy. The importance of deodorant is not highlighted and the need for personal grooming isn’t given it’s necessary prominence. This is why it should be given  treated like an everyday cream, shampoo and perfume. After all, who doesn’t like heads to be turned when you pass by just because you smell great?!

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