Why YouTube always helped me in my life

Hello everyone!

Hope that all of you are staying sane amidst this crisis and thank god for YouTube I am okay. YouTube as a platform has helped me a lot in many stages of my life, so I thought I will share with you guys how to make use of this platform to the maximum.

I am a very curious human and I love to know about the world. I have always hated being comfortable in my island home and not thinking about the world out there. I am also easily bored, so unless other wise something is really catchy, it doesn’t get my attention. This is exactly why YouTube won my heart years ago. They are videos and I am apparently a visual learner and am hooked especially to videos. And the best part,videos don’t beat around the bush and cuts directly to the chase.

Childhood & School

When I think about my childhood, I was fortunate enough to have a computer at home, and I got my first smart phone when I was around 13/ 14 ish. This meant that I had the internet to help me understand a lot of my questions. I was always keen to know information and especially about the outside world and I used to watch videos and explore. I am a girl who likes to learn practically and not theoretically. I like studying via scenarios and understanding the concept rather than memorizing the whole text book.


Thank god for YouTube, I have a degree and a post grad. Especially when you are a marketing major- books become obsolete literally the next second because the industry itself is changing every second. Just in 2016 we were learning  about facebook marketing when clearly Instagram was happening, and now kids are learning about snapchat and instagram when Tik Tok is what’s really trending. I always keep myself up to date by catching up on all the socials and news networks because then I know what really is happening. I guess the reason why I never felt the pressure of doing two exams was because I really enjoy the industry. From trending videos to hot topics, YouTube and its community always kept me posted on what’s new.

Post campus life

Well, I just graduated weeks before the pandemic made us stay at home, but this actually made me LIVE on YouTube. I came across so many new content creators who specialize in so many different aspects of life and honestly seeing all of them, I just don’t feel bad anymore. It opened my eyes that life is much more than what meets the eye and that there is so much to explore and experience in this world. My bucket list in life instantly changed and my love for travel changed drastically and yes, you guys will get to know about all that if you guys keep coming back to my blog in the coming years.

Apart from the above, YouTube also helped my life in the following ways:

  1. Money-less Travelling

Money is something we all just see vanish from our hands these days. Everything is so expensive and it is hard to budget money enough to be able to travel the world constantly. On top of that our schedules are just cringy and I won’t even start on that topic. However, if you type any destination that you would like to visit/ need a break and need inspiration from YouTube takes you away in a matter of seconds. So many people post about so much of content ever single second and it’s amazing what social platforms can do. If you are on a budget cut just watch a video and it will make you feel better.  

2. You can know what to expect in certain experiences

The wow factor is something us humans love to have in our life. However, when it comes to spending a lot of money especially on things like phones, houses, branded items, luxury cars etc- it is always good to know someone else’s opinion than that of the sales person. YouTube is my go to place for checking out reviews- let it be phones, food, theme parks to even travel and the whole topic of luxury. One of the main reasons why I love YouTube is because you get the experimental and experience factor unlike any other platform. I love watching vlogs when it comes to travel and other entertainment channels because that video style makes me feel as if I was experiencing with the content creator itself.  

3. It’s better than TV

Typical TV makes us watch a sometimes repetitive yet restrictive set of programs. TV channels really need to up their game in terms of content provided and honestly rarely anyone even checks it. YouTube has no limit to what you can watch, and it is what makes the platform amazing. Its crazy how much a social media platform can be better than something so traditional, but times have changed and information is freely available. Also, the reason why YouTube is better than any video streaming service everyone is obsessed about is because unlike them, YouTube has no limits and is not restricted to movies, documentaries and TV series. Sorry Netflix, but you lost on this one.

As you can see, YouTube made me see this world in a different light and made me appreciate this world we are living in A LOT. I am honestly so lucky to be born in this day and age where information is available and there are so many good content creators that help me see this world that I really love. YouTube taught me one lesson- never to think small. YouTube made me change my bucket list altogether and I just can’t wait until I can check off the list one experience at a time. You guys don’t worry- keep coming back to my blog to check on my latest posts.

Having said that, I would like to know the YouTube channels you guys are currently obsessed with/ new channels you discovered and would like to share with all of us. Comment below and let’s share some good content creators and get our minds blown!

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!





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