What should we expect after the coronavirus ends?


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The Coronavirus isn’t something we can ignore as the pandemic has literally shut the entire world down. People are advised to stay at home and practice social distancing.  This is supper scary and frustrating at the same time to be experiencing such a change in our lives while at quarantine. Thousand of questions pop into our minds like “Will life be the same after this?”, “Will I have Social Phobia?” (yes, it’s a real thing), “Will there be enough food for all of us?”, “What will happen to my job security after this?”

In spite of all this, there is only one question we think in common- “What should we expect after the Coronavirus ceases?” It is natural to ask this, and in my personal opinion, I think that after this pandemic ceases, we will see some new behavioral trends that people will follow. 

Here is a list of things/ “trends” that could be expected to be seen after the end of the Coronavirus:

  1. People will take life a bit more seriously.

The pandemic resulted in having a lot of free time for all of us, where we all got a time to reflect on our lives and the way we had been living. I personally believe that this reflection will help a lot  of people to be cautious about how they used to live life and make better decisions than they did before. By this I assume that there will be a lot of people following their faith a bit more, exercising a bit more and eating healthy etc.

2. More demand for organic food.

After all, this is a virus and for sure people are now thinking of having more healthy meals and making better choices of food. Of course there will be the crowd that binge eat the unhealthy food, but I know that by a percentage sense that even they start eating healthy than before. Overall, there might be more demand for organic produce and new menus set in restaurants. 

3. Cooking at home vs eating out.

This goes along with the previous point, and as we can see on social media many have discovered their new found talent to cook. There will be a lot of those who opt to cook their food than eating out because one- it is a waste of money and two- it is unhealthy. Since most will now know the tips and tricks for cooking a delicious meal, we can finally find some reduced queues in food stands especially during lunch hour and (maybe) dinner.

4. Dalgona Coffee served at coffee shops.

An an ode to the survival of this horrible pandemic and a reminder for this viral coffee, expect coffee houses to introduce this special in their menu. 

5. Following faith a little more than usual.

Temples, Kovils, Churches and Mosques will be a bit crowded than usual since many people get into their spiritual self and increase their belief in faith. They will want to connect themselves to their belief in the actual religious setting. 

6. More cards, less cash.

It is quite common to use your debit/ credit card for your purchases, but expect more and more people to start using these as no people finally realize how dirty money can really be. 

7. Business meeting? Wait, did you mean zoom or email?!

One important fact all of us folks who work realized is that we have been wasting money and time on meetings for food, location and transport when all could be done virtually and more effectively. Everyone is comfortable and ideas are fresh. Cut the budget on unnecessary expenses and increase our bonuses- right?

8. Home gardens will be a thing.

This will be a trend among the youngsters, long gone will be the days of cacti and hello to the actual plants that need a lot more TCL.

9. More support for local businesses.

This will be something that a lot will support. It is important that we support all local business and help locals survive and help boost the company’s economy back up. Since travelling abroad might not be the best option for a while, many people might be seen in local hotels. Imports could be limited but this is the best for the local vendors.  I  highly advice that everyone SHOULD help local companies. Skip the fancy brands for a while because they need our help the most right now.

10. Everyone will know how to relax.

Back in the day when the only Corona we knew came in a bottle, we were working our “strength” off not having any aim in life but jut going in routines that seemed no end. 

The virus became an eye opener to many people and people would have realized that there is no need to be hard on themselves. Many will actually take the time to take that paid leave and to relax at home with loved ones. I just got a feeling that this break was needed by the entire world. 

11. Respect for doctors, nurses, police, 3 forces, government servants, local food suppliers, people working on quarantine zones and all those who worked tirelessly to make this end.

I don’t need to say anything rather than that I worship them and pray for them, and so should you.

12. Fostered relationships.

Even though the pandemic is a terrible time rn, we are more close to family and loved ones more than ever. This is the time you realize the people that matter to your life and those who don’t. People will understand more on how to be human than machines. We might be able to see humanity as its real self once again.

In these crazy times, looking at the pointers given I personally feel like it’s the time we needed to find our true inner selves. We all dream about the days when everything is normal and we can live a happy life. Let’s pray together and do our part to help flatten the curve.

Hope that this article gave you some relief and hope for better days to come. Let me know in the comments below of other things you can expect after the Coronavirus is gone for good in case I missed it.

PLEASE. #StayHome #WashYourHands #StayHealthy

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!




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