My take on the “new normal”

Hello everyone!

You might have been exhausted and thinking that after 6 months that the Coronavirus must be almost over, but it seems that it is here to stay. This was the kind of change we never saw coming and this definitely took us by surprise. We are all forced to accept this new normal where we had to trade concert tickets and dream vacations for face masks and hand sanitizers. Sucks big time, but it’s for the best.

Here are some changes that I thought are quite worth highlighting under this whole topic of living life in the “new normal” way.

1. Face masks- the new fashion trend?

As you can clearly see, I didn’t loose my chance on taking my first face mask selfie to remind myself of this crazy time in the future. 

It is sad how just last year we were able to freely breathe fresh air when we were out and about. Talk about taking things for granted. Face masks have now become the new “must have” in everyone’s OOTD (outfit of the day). 

Also, it is just me or do you guys find yourself in these two situations?

“Oh crap, I forgot my face mask!”- because I have said that a lot just last week. #guilty


Is it just me or do you guys too find it hard to stay put after a while wearing the mask? I definitely start to feel a little faintish and always take off my mask to breathe in some fresh air and get that oxygen into my system.

2. Makeup- wait, how?!- talk about creating content.

I am a girl that hardly wears makeup by choice but when I came across those quarantine/ face mask makeup videos I was like… wait. what! 

It’s so crazy yet amazing to see how content creators come with all these quirky content but well that is really creative of them to. I’m sure all these videos helped most of you guys but in case you hadn’t, hope the video up top helped! 

3. Food- never thought about how they were made before!

We all have been a foodie at least once in our lives and at that point we just gulped down almost anything and everything edible. To all us Sri Lankans during trips, having to stop for a tea break and a little bite in those small road side boutiques or “petti kada” are always one of the fondest memories. However, with this virus we all started to get cautious about the hygiene of these places. Ordering food via apps got scary as hell and all foodies had the worst time of their life. 

Having said all this, all shops are slowly starting to open, including the hotels and favourite restaurants.

I know this is a bit scary, but support local businesses guys, they are all people that need to survive after all. 

4. Giving looks at people who sneeze, and move a mile away from them- #awkward.

While (some) of us do the right thing and wear the mask, there are some people who are unfortunate to have to sneeze in public, even with the mask. They might not be necessarily sick and the poor soul might have just had some loose string on the mask tickle the nose but oh well. I have seen so many people literally move a mile away from the person who sneezes. But seriously guys, take necessary action and medicine when you guys feel a little funny. We all need to stay safe no matter what.

Comment down below if you have been the victim!

5. When “wash” became more important than “brush.”

This was the new habit that we all had to and still have to practice to this day. This is a new normal where we either have to sanitize ourselves or wash our hands with soap before we enter anywhere. Long gone are the carefree days we touched door knobs, railings and handles. Welcome to the era of opening doors with the elbow. 

6. Uber just got creepy all of a sudden…

A couple of years ago when Uber was introduced to this world, we had no worry about getting into a car with a stranger at all. Fast forward to today, the situation is just- let’s say, not the same. It’s crazy how perspectives change when situations change but yes, it is very scary. This is a pandemic but then again, we can’t idle around doing nothing until this is all gone. We need to carry on with our lives and do our daily tasks while making sure that we all stay safe.

7. We thought we had problems before, try living in confusion.

This pandemic didn’t come as a favour to everyone, and some had the worst times of their lives when they lost their jobs. So many people found it hard to go about their daily expenses and so many still don’t have enough food to eat. Having said that many online businesses flourished and the entire world had to function in a totally different way, and tbh it still does. Keeping aside all the negative issues for a sec, this virus created new POV’s in terms of education and work- with so many new and efficient ways created to make sure that everything happened smoothly. One good thing learnt from this virus- we all can be the change we aspire to be, we just need some discipline.

8. Some of us finally got the “vacation” we needed while the rest of us found that we had families.

Most of us dreaded this “routined life” and needed a getaway but couldn’t afford to. In my personal opinion this world as a whole needed to hit pause just for a second to stop and breathe. During quarantine we all realized how important it was for us to have healthy breaks and how taking it now and then can create such a better impact on our overall productivity. 

On the other hand, most of us who were busy busy busy, finally had a chance to be with family/ loved ones and reminisce all those times that were missed. So many realized that life is nothing without the family while some understood how zoo animals feel like!

9. Working parents with kids don’t have their best time.

Being around kids especially toddlers are very hard because they need constant attention and care. Imagine the situation for working parents with these clingy kids! Parents who had help previously to do everything now need to figure out how to manage their homes while making sure that the kids do their homework, eat well and are safe. With schools being closed, I can’t imagine how hard it must be!

Phone calls with kids crying in the background- pfft! they are sooo normal now! 

10. Raise your hand if you created TikTok during quarantine- yeah, I thought so.

This is a well known fact and we all created TikTok during quarantine. Each and every one of us had thrown back and found it fun. Don’t even try to deny this because it’s not weird- quarantine got us hard. It was a tough time for all of us.

“I’m a savage, yeah
Classy, bougie, ratchet, yeah
Sassy, moody, nasty, huh
Acting stupid, what’s happening?”

Yup. I know you just did the dance in your head, gotcha!

Life just got crazy all of a sudden but what is life without a bit of mystery right? I know that these hard times are not a joke and that some are deeply affected by this virus. I really hope that this goes away soon and we all can live life normally, but with caution. Instances like this always make me think how much of our lives we take for granted and never appreciate. However, on the final note- you guys please be safe and be mindful about everything you do!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article!





  1. Aman Vasisht
    July 6, 2020 / 4:08 am

    Coool blog!

  2. November 24, 2021 / 6:38 pm

    Some truly great articles on this web site, appreciate it for contribution.

  3. November 25, 2021 / 2:47 pm

    I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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