How to deal with a horrible boss

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I’m getting straight to the point here, but nothing can ruin your life than on the impact how a horrible boss can make you feel. No matter where we are in the world, horrible bosses exist and they are all pure evil. I might be only 22 but I’ve had the worst bosses in my life- back to back, and I think I am in a position to tell you how I dealt with them. Having a tough boss is hard, and I highly recommend you not to do what that the movie insist.  In case you didn’t know yes there is a duology called Horrible Bosses- it’s super funny but remember it’s just a movie!

I’m talking on behalf of both guys and girls here, and one thing I firstly need to make clear is, just because you need to build your career you necessarily don’t have to deal with mental trauma. Some bosses might be strict for the right reasons- if you hadn’t done the job, but there are some who just NEED to make your life miserable. They get emotional and personal and try to manipulate you into a huge tangled ball of confusion and self hatred. I’ve had bosses continuously tell me that I am not good enough and have directly said “I’m the BOSS, you are a nobody so listen to ME. Your ideas DON’T matter.” Now, as a girl who just started my career, it stung hard. There was  point in my life where I just believe what my boss said. At that particular time, I couldn’t explain to anyone what I was going through because my boss was someone who made me feel like everything was my fault. If you are reading this because you have a mean boss, I’m so sorry. I really hope that this article will help you through.

“Just because you need to build your career you necessarily don’t have to deal with mental trauma.”


Before we learn how to deal with horrible bosses, one of the main things to identify first is the type of person who your boss is. Basically his or her character. Some bosses are just mean simply because of 3 reasons:

1. They demand the gap between boss and subordinate.

2.  They need to hide the fact that they don’t know what they are doing but you know it better.


3. Pure jealousy

Bosses are human too, and everyone works for a living. In a world where money has taken over humanity, you should expect people like them every now and then. Understand where they come from and it will make it easy for you to deal with them in the following ways:

  1. Do everything exactly as they say.

The reason why I’m advising you to do this is because you need to identify  if your boss is a certain way because you don’t do the job as he/she expected or if he/she is a bully. Why I’m saying this is sometimes when we are new to a job or even lack experience we honestly have no clue how the job is done. We might have all the extra ordinary ideas, but sometimes that is not the way it might work for your company. So first do what they need you to do- their way. Sometimes this helps a lot.

2. Act dumb.

There is nothing this kind of a boss enjoys than them feeling like they are the smartest in the world. If your boss is narcissistic, demanding respect, isn’t open to your ideas and are constantly pushing you away from making tactical decisions, it means that they don’t want you to outshine them. They just want you to run their errands and do all the behind the scenes work and for them to get the credit. For bosses like this, if you need to survive at work act dumb. Yes. I said that. The reason why I’m saying this is because then the boss will like you better since you show them “respect” and actually make your life a lot easier. This is something that I did to my bosses and it did help me to an extent. They became so much nicer to me after so long and it felt good. Let them say and do things their way.

3. Stay one step ahead.

This goes with the earlier point and just because you ACT dumb should never mean that you become dumb. That’s why it’s called acting. In order to survive in your job there are many hurdles and your horrible boss is just one of them. If you know that you are a million times better than your boss, keep it to yourself. Don’t show how knowledgeable you are to him/her. If your boss is saying something totally wrong at this point don’t go to correct them. Yes, you might want their acknowledgment, but don’t lie to yourself- they are the kind who never do that. 

Also, keeping in mind what I said earlier, always be alert with what’s happening in your department and the industry. Once in a blue moon you WILL get an opportunity to be in a meeting with the senior management/ director and trust me your knowledge will come in handy. Always be prepared. This is a situation that happened to me where our director ended up giving me to lead a campaign instead of my manager. You should have seen the look in her face. It was sad, but it apparently was my time to shine. No matter what department/ job that you do- your time will come, just be patient and hold on.

4. Network well with your peers and other managers.

Just because your boss is a certain way, don’t be rude to other people.  Office life is hard enough, and the most successful people are very tricky with how they get to the top. It is always said that networking is key and that helps a lot. Stay on good terms with your peers and other managers and maybe even though you might not get the promotion from your boss you can get recommended by the others at work. 

5. Communication is key.

Just like any relationship, communication is crucial with your boss. This is because sometimes your boss could be so busy and overwhelmed with work that they might oversee how you really feel about the actual job. Have a chat and see and if you are lucky you could be able to talk it through. However, if your boss is highly opinionated and rude, its a red flag. In a situation like this, if you can learn to cope up and not care too much about the situation and leave office issues at office and not to your home, you are all good. If you really can’t and if it’s traumatizing you and even giving you an occasional panic attack trust me- it’s not worth it. Start searching for your options to work elsewhere.

6. Believe in yourself.

Sometimes in life, the whole world will be against you but that should not stop you from being who you are and believing in what you believe. Just keep doing you and know that a horrible boss is just only one issue in life. Honestly saying, if you don’t think of it and not let it get into your head you will be more than okay. Be patient and just know in your heart that everyday can’t be this bad. A day will come when you are happy. Having said that, if you are miserable and really need an out, take it because people never leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses.

Having said it all, I also want to mention that no job is a walk in the park. There will be days that you are at the worst and so will be your boss. Try to understand that work isn’t as cool and chill like they show in movies and it actually takes hard work and determination to get where you want to be. Remember it’s not only you who is trying to make it in this world so admit it and keep doing you. 


I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!




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