5 reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to strangers online

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We have all come across a girl or a guy online who looks drop dead gorgeous and whom we could NEVER measure up to. However, it is important for us to realize that all that glitters is not gold. With so many scandals of people editing out their images and heavily using Photoshop its so sad that many people still prefer fakeness over realness. 

I have heard so many stories where couples, friends and family tell each other off all these hurtful comments because of “what will people think?!” Girl are expected to have flat tummies and guys are expected to have a full pumped up body. It’s just not fair and most importantly not right. If you are feeling insecure of yourself or even if you are having  bad day after seeing something online, I really hope that this article will make you feel a whole lot better.

  1. Some of them are not even true.

The internet is a strange place and people become weird when they are online. People love creating this illusion of a perfect world with bikini bodies and six packs and making unrealistic standards of beauty. We are all to blame here because we are the ones who are actually encouraging this. In a world where filters take over natural beauty, it is really sad that many people give into this fakeness. When you see strangers online, don’t be all mesmerized. Everybody gets a stretch mark once in their life and everyone will not look “shredded.” It’s so sad that sometimes when guys and girls are trying to date, the descriptions they give about their “perfect significant other” always has all of these false expectations. 

Instead what you should be doing is not to take these pictures into your head, but just trying to achieve something. Make it your motivation to work out, but not to be them.

2. It makes you doubt about yourself.

I am so grateful that Instagram took the number of likes off because it was such a big deal when it was seen. So many teenagers and young adults alike got affected because their popularity and social status were determined by the number of likes. I have heard that some even use to pay and buy followers to get their like numbers up for the sole purpose of validation. This kid of insecurity is SO TOXIC and it will make you never be happy about yourself, your life and even your own body. 

However, we are lucky enough to see may brands take up the unprecedented step of having all inclusive marketing campaigns as well as talking about real beauty.  Brands like Skims from KKW is a good example, where she takes models from all shapes and colour. I love artists like Lizzo and Demi Lovato taking about body positivity. 

Having a stick figure and supplements will make you look good on pictures, but life is much more than a little squared image. 

3. It’s not who you are and you are not them.

Online models and influencers especially on Instagram just “do it for the gram.” They just put on a show about how their lives really are, but in reality it is just not. So much of preparation, makeup and editing goes behind these images that shows such a sugar coated and glossed out life that isn’t even authentic. Also, just becuase someone else does it, it doesn’t mean that you need to do that.

Out of all the videos I have seen on YouTube, Hannah’s video hit me hard. It shows the true reality of what it is like to be in an all perfectly curated online life. Check it out.

4. You will be just like everyone else. #MAINSTREAM

Don’t fit in when you were born to stand out. 

If you compare yourself to strangers online, it means that you are trying to give in to trends and be basic just like everyone else. If you copy someone else you will just be one of the many. You will not have any individuality and like I said before you will be someone who you are not. It will make you feel and act different and honestly people will see you to be fake and really start avoiding being around you and talking behind your back. However, if it’s like a clothing trend or something of the sort that is okay, but trends like having Kylie Jenner lips and nose jobs to look “snatched” isn’t cool. 

5. You have a life.

Life is more than beyond the virtual world with so much of things to do and explore. If you immerse yourself into the lives of strangers online, you will just be like in in the Avatar movie. It’s not real, but it feels real. Life is very real and the most beautiful part about it is when you experience things. It just makes the most beautiful moments in life to cherish forever. Don’t waste valuable time focusing on someone else and being like someone else. It’s your life and you have a say and right to live on your own terms. Don’t give in to social pressure and do just you.


Just like I said that some people can be fake, there is a crowd of authentic people who really are born that way. Well they got lucky with good genes and honestly they can’t help it. All what you can do is to forget about everything you see and to focus on yourself and your life. Don’t feel bad about the lives of what other people are living but if you want that, just stop complaining and start working for it. Get inspired, but don’t copy.  I always say never to compare yourself with someone else and trust me when I say this, life is a whole lot better when you have your own opinion about life and without society telling you what your life should be. It’s crazy when you think about this, but our life is actually the result of our decisions made. So think wisely before you become the judge of your own life.

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!




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