Why is having “me time” important

why is having me time important

Hello everyone!

“Me time” is a thought and feeling we constantly have even though we might not realize it sometimes. Life can be tough with priorities and commitments but one thing we all should remember is that we are human and we need some time and space here and there for ourselves. Having me time doesn’t have to necessarily be you alone on a tropical vacation, but have little moments to yourself everyday. Also, this means that you should not neglect your daily activities but more of how you can incorporate a little time to yourself amidst chaos.

Our mental health is something we should not take lightly. With so much happening around us, it is important to give ourselves a break to calm down, be sane and to really “stop” the brain from processing things to quickly. We need to give ourselves some alone time not as a getaway from reality, but instead to really neutral our brain and refresh it.

I have seen that a lot of people don’t appreciate their personal space and let anyone and everyone get on top of them. Then there is the other kind who don’t respect another person’s privacy. This leads to stress because of the infinite pressure of having to always be there for other people. In my opinion, helping a friend/ family member is something we have to do because we love them but over “caring” is simply a cry for help for attention. I have seen this in many people I know that they are compelled to feel that if they didn’t go the extra mile for other people that it is just not right. Let me correct you there- they are fine. They will manage. Have a break to yourself and get yourself together. 

How I can easily describe this situation is- don’t go to help someone who is drowning in the sea if you are too. First find a way for you to breathe, then help the other person. It’s not being selfish. It is called being smart. 

“Don’t go to help someone who is drowning in the sea if you are too. First find a way for you to breathe, then help the other person. It’s not being selfish. It is called being smart.”

-What’s She Loving-

There are many reasons why having “me time” is important. Here are the most important 5 of the lot:

1. Helps recharge your body.

Like I said earlier, one of the best reasons why you should have some me time is because you need to reset yourself every now and then to make sure that you don’t feel tired or lagged. Time if of the precious and we constantly try to fit so much to one second, which is literally impossible. One best way to have some “me time” is when having a shower. I love having a shower and usually take a while because when the water hits me, it makes me really calm. Something about fresh water and the subtle scent of body wash makes me feel so relaxed. In spite of you being a guy or a girl this could be the time you can either calm yourself with scents, singing in the shower or even just zoning out and just enjoying the water.

2. Allows you work on your passion.

If you say that you don’t do awkward things when you’re alone you will be lying. Let it be from screaming your favourite song or trying those dance moves in true Step Up style we all love to do certain things when no one is around. This is exactly how our brain tells us we are who we really are when we are alone. We become our weird quirky selves at this time because it is something that makes us happy. The reason why we might not do it comfortably around friends and family could be because of judgement from other people- and even family and friends. 

3. It gives a sense of responsibility.

I know that this might sound a little crazy, but when you have some time for yourself you feel like you are responsible over yourself. The reason behind this is actually hidden. Let’s take an example for easy explanation. When you have a long relaxing shower, do your makeup alone, listen to music on your earphones or even cook alone- simply anything have one feeling in common. You feel proud about yourself. This is because in the back of your mind you know how important it is to have sometime for yourself but it is a luxury. It’s like a sensation of happiness with pride because you became responsible of yourself and actually gave yourself the luxury you deserve at that particular time.

4. Relief to mental health.

Even though we love being social and popular, our brain and bodies crave “me time” a lot. Tik Tok and Instagram followers mean nothing. This is why you need to give yourself a break. Back in the day when I was doing two degrees (check out that blog post here) I literally had no time to breathe because in certain semesters I had 10 modules. In college 10 is too much and super hard! I was so close to losing it and I felt like my brain hurt (yes, I felt pain on the inside) but then I realized all this hard work would mean nothing if I got sick. I then started giving myself time every now and then and I took time to just chill, listen to music and enjoy my own company. I din’t go to keep up with my friends and be up to date on my socials because I had to focus on my “bigger picture”. When I had time for myself I started feeling better- all my stress and pain went away and after every time I took a break and went back to study, I felt soooo good! I was more productive and started enjoying the learning process.

5. It makes you happy.

Like I said before you can see that finally all of this gives you happiness. Why it is important to stay happy is because life is short, and we are here for a short while- just don’t stress too much. It’s not a crime if you didn’t give yourself a break every now and then, it just helps you to be more productive. This is something I personally experienced as a control freak. I’m always about deadlines and I always achieve that but the downside of it is that I ten to compromise on my health in general. However, when I started to give myself a little break every now and then, I actually began to enjoy and think through better in everything I did. It’s like my life had a reset button and boom! I was born again. You deserve happiness and you deserve some time for yourself. You don’t know this yet, but your best friend and your best company with whom you have the most fun is yourself

“You don’t know this yet, but your best friend and your best company with whom you have the most fun is yourself.”

-What’s She Loving-

why is having me time important kusali perera

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You work so hard and I am so proud of you. It’s all going to be okay and you will be the most shining star in the sky when you reach your goal. Just make sure that no matter what you give yourself the time you deserve. Nothing will be worth it if you are not happy. And you deserve all the happiness in the world!

I hope this article helped you and most importantly gave you guys a reason or let’s say an excuse to take sometime to yourself because I told you so. Let me know how you felt after having some me time in the comments section below!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article!





  1. Vishmith Weerasinghe
    April 15, 2020 / 7:07 am

    I love the quotes!

    • Kusali Perera
      April 15, 2020 / 9:21 pm

      Thank you soo much! 🙂

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