How are some people great in everything they do?

*Disclaimer- I didn’t want such an important topic to be written in some fancy bullet points and have cute pics. This is going to be one long article, so buckle up!!*

Hello everyone!

Today I want to have some real talk with you guys on this one deeming question of how certain people are just “flawless.” Just as much as we are in awe them, we just don’t realize that we judge them based on what we see. I dug deep into this question, and I came across some interesting facts and tips which will help you to be this so called “flawless” self and also to make a choice if that is the kind of life you actually want to live like. 

One of the most important thing to understand in this scenario is that some people are very good at pretending. Just like how Photoshop gives us false expectations on beauty. We need to understand that in today’s world with so much happening online, people really can “edit” their lives too.

Here are 3 things you need to realize that looks can be deceiving.

  1. You only see what they choose to show you.

Just like I said before we are all human, and as humans we have emotions. If you think there are heartless people out there, well they really aren’t- probably something traumatic happened in their life that affected them so much to act that way. Getting on with the point, just imagine for a second how we don’t know the life of certain celebrities, but of certain people we know a lot better. It totally depends on what they show.

2. Practice makes perfect.

If you had seen someone be better at something, it could be that some people are practicing much more than the rest of us, or actually committing themselves to any given situation more which eventually makes them better. Like in the movies we see the crazy person practice at home, same story.

3. Don’t trust social media.

Social media is something that kills the brains of us because everyone pretends to be someone whom they are not. They will either have pictures with plastered smiles when they just feeling like they are dying on the inside. Don’t let an outfit and caption trick you. No one can be that happy- unless they are truly in bliss (which btw, we know when it is genuine).

Here are some tips how you can be great in everything you do.

Being great in everything you do is not an impossible task. But one thing important to realize is that not everyone really is good in literally everything. These people just have a selected set of things they are good at and in like a certain “field” of things. Take an actor for example. They have good looks, are good in acting, singing, talking in front of large crowds, giving speeches, presentations, probably can play an instrument, can dance very well, knows the industry and it’s history, loved by many people and have a lot of money. All of these things just go hand in hand, and it makes perfect sense how they are good because that was what they have been working for their entire life. Take an engineer- they are good with numbers, mechanics, storing a lot of technical information, very handy with their projects, have the most craziest ideas, good with presentation, sketching, even painting for that matter. 

  1. Know your limit.

Life is not a race and we are all born in this world for a reason, and all of us have a purpose. If we all were the same, there will be no variation in this world and it will be very boring. You need to know that in spite the social pressure that we have to be good in everything we do, we actually don’t need to do that in our life. Give yourself a break and work on things that you actually enjoy. If someone judges you or even if you feel like you can’t sing even though you have tried a million times, if you are good in art- my advice is to focus on art. That way you will be good in art. Like I said before, we might not be able to see it- but the mot successful people, practice what they are good at day and night.

2. Be true to yourself.

This is something so important that a lot tend to forget. Like I said before, we are all here for a reason. You need to be genuine in your heart in whatever you do, and the universe helps you. I might sound weird but we all know that it’s true. People who are good in everything don’t care and worry about what everyone else is doing. They do them and that’s why they slay.

3. Don’t be a COPYCAT.

One of my biggest pet peeves is a copycat and it gets me on my nerves when someone does it. Originality is so lacking nowadays that it’s so saddening that some people just have to copy someone else to get attention. There is a difference between gaining inspiration and being a copy cat. Get inspired by the way certain people lead their lives, just don’t go to copy the exact same thing. Have a say in your life- and take control of it.

4. Be open for learning.

This is something that I personally advice anyone who wants be to be better at anything. Put away your ego and be open for learning. This world is changing so fast and everything becomes obsolete in seconds. Make use of the internet in a smart way and make yourself a learning machine.

5. Be open for constructive criticism.

One great quality of great people are that they are open for constructive criticism. This is a good way of getting other people’s perspective and improve yourself. This is not hate and I advice you NEVER to give into hate. Hate comments put you down while constructive criticism shapes to be better. You need to understand the fine line between these two and act accordingly when received.

6. Find your passion/ reason for life.

People who are great in what they do are like that because they actually enjoy doing it. This is why having  a passion matters here. If you don’t even have the slightest likeness to do something and if it feels like it is draining the life out of you- it is because you don’t have any motivation to do so. You have two options here, find your passion or force yourself to like what you are going if the end result means so much to you. Sometimes, you might not enjoy 100% of something because things like stress, anger, anxiety can take over- but that’s all normal if you are still doing it because it is the reason for your life.

7. Work at your own pace.

One common quote I say a lot in my blog is not to compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 10. This applies here too because we are only good at something as we are right now as of right now. To improve and be better we need to work on that for a certain period of time so it can take a while. Don’t rush into something and then feel like you’re at this constant race against time that makes you exhausted and frustrated. Work on your own time, and your chance to shine will come along. I promise.

8. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Comparing yourself like I said before is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It will not make you any good at anything, but only make you just hate yourself more and demotivate you from your goals. People who are good at everything they do never compare, that’s why they are so free. They don’t waste their time comparing themselves but instead trying their best to be the best version of themselves.

9. Accept the fact that some people are really born with talent.

This sadly, is one fact that we have to all accept. What is given to certain people from the universe is something that is out of our capacity to control. My advice is to get inspired by these kind of people but don’t go seeking advice from them, unless otherwise they really try to make themselves even better. Why I’m saying this is because sometimes people with talent just don’t understand how to explain something that they naturally do. Don’t take it personal, but get inspiration from their overall style and ethic and use them to make yourself better.

Greatness just doesn’t come without trying and it wouldn’t come unless you have a need to. It is not easy being great and it is such an honor for someone to be great in what they do. Why I said it because it shows how much dedication a person has to be themselves. It is clearly not narcissism but genuine interest to push themselves to be better. 

You need to be disciplined in your mind enough to work towards what you need to achieve. This is very important because if you are someone that changes your mind constantly not knowing what you need to do- this will all be in vain. Don’t worry- YOU GOT THIS. I believe in you! 

I really hope that this article helped you guys, and I thought a lot before I wrote this so that I can make it to be as simple as possible. Please do let me know in the comments below if this article helped you even in the slightest way! 

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!




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