21 Things To Do When You Are Bored​


Hello Everyone!

We have all hit that moment where we are just so lazy, or just really bored- and we can’t help it. The day seems to stretch itself like a rubber band and time is frozen. We have all been there and wish we knew something fun too do, but instead we either sleep or eat. Here are some things that I have done when I am bored. I know that some of them could be a bit bonkers, but I have tried them anyway. Call me a bit quirky? I absolutely agree.

  1. Read a good book.

This is my top most done, and highly loved thing to do when I’m just my lazy self. I love reading because it just makes me so at peace. Reading can be done with good books, magazines or even reading a good blog online (in this case, thanks for reading mine and hii!). There is so much going on in this world right now, and reading slows things down. Its like you are trapped in the quantum realm (okay, I referenced avengers)- hours will pass by but you will feel like seconds.

  1. Make a list of things you want to google, and do it this time.

Ever wanted to find something out, but at that moment you didn’t seem to have the time? Well then, this hack will help you. Something that I usually do, is to have a separate note in my notes section in my phone on “stuff to google.” Here, when I think of something that not that critical in the moment, or I really have no way of reading or searching about it- I out it on my notes. This way, when I am free (and bored) I google them up! Better late than never!

  1. Try Snapchat/ Instagram filters & new things to click.

These two apps literally have so much going on. It’s not only about the stories you upload anymore, it’s the effects/ filters that you use that make them the more fun. These apps have so many new filters/ stickers/ gifs that you can try when you get bored. Make a collage of selfies from each filter. Trust me it has a kick to it.

  1. Water some plants.

Are you the kind obsessed with plants? Succulents, cacti, Fiddle-leaf fig, palm… okay I got your attention. Water them. Love them. Spend time with them. Arrange your area to be aesthetically appealing. Make an Instagram account dedicated to your beloved plants and make them cool.

  1. Clean your room.


“okay, MOM.”

  1. Apply nail polish.

Ever wanted to apply nail polish and feel fancy ang girly like in those girly movies? Well girl, you got the time now! Check out some YouTube videos and get inspired. Go wild and find your style. Then take your time and have your own Mani Pedi session. You will feel like a goddess.

  1. Watch YouTube.

YouTube has really taken over the whole game of video watching. Also, it has so much of content that is mind blowing. Select some really good channels that choose your taste and watch a few. 

Maybe start watching a new channel that lets you know something beyond your comfort zones. You never know how it will amaze you! There is so much of things in this word to know, and this will be a good time to really blow your mind off!

8. Start maintaining a journal.

Journal writing or basically writing in your diary may be found lame to some people. But if you really think about it, journal writing really helps to put out what you’re feeling inside. I have been writing a lot I my diaries since I was a kid, and trust me once you write your feelings down, it feels so good. You can jot down your memories both good times and bad, so that the future you can always know what to do and don’t. When I personally go back into reading my childhood diaries, I flashback into that exact moment and its crazy how I exactly feel how I felt at that particular period of time. As long as no one knows where you hide them, trust me it’s not creepy or weird at all.

  1. Discover a new restaurant/ store.

New restaurants and stores always come and go, and when you’re bored, it’s a good way to keep your mind off things, and to have a good relaxed moment to yourself. Go into a restaurant that’s new, or even have a new dish at a restaurant you have already gone to. 

Have a new experience, and have a good time. Because a new nibble of a new dish or even a little pop in your favorite store never hurt anyone! (but make sure you don’t hurt your wallet!)

10. Call someone you love- bf/gf/spouse/best friend/ friend/ relative- just anyone.

We live in a crazy time, and somehow, we always seem to be so busy. And if you re bored, just ring up to someone you love, and have a chat. You may not realize it but it impacts the other person. It shows that you care, and you will feel good too. It doesn’t have to be hours long, just a 5-minute chat will do. 

Imagine that you get a call from someone you cared out of the blue. It will make you feel good right? Exactly.

  1. Drop a message to an old friend saying Hi!.

This kind of goes hand in hand with point 10. With all the chatting apps in the world, you can always drop a hi to a friend. And by friend I don’t mean your crush. Well I really don’t know. Go ahead. Maybe it will work, and maybe it won’t. Anyway, you get my point 😊

  1. Process life.

Being lazy and bored is one of the best times to process life. 

As weird as it may sound, when you’re doing nothing you might tend to feel “what the hell am I doing with my life.” This is one of the best times to reflect how you have been living life, or maybe even think about a big decision of your life. 

Have a moment to yourself and see if it really means something, if you are happy. Take a breather and spend some quality “ME” time. Trust me, this works.

  1. Sing a song/ Karaoke FTW.

Are you the kind of superstar where your audience was a soap bar, shampoo bottle and a shower, and your standing ovation was water running from the shower? I thought so. 

If you love music and singing just as I do, SING. If you’re not the fanciest of singers, who cares? Keep singing, sing karaoke and release those trapped endorphins. 

Just make sure it doesn’t bother anyone at home, even your dog and especially your neighbors.

  1. Try something creative- this can be from making cards, candles, soap, slime… you get me.

Handmade things have sentimental value and most importantly you use one of the greatest assets in life- your time. Make some cards, handmade keepsakes and gifts that you can gift around and share with loved ones. Baked goodies are my favorite tbh. 

  1. See if you can try one recipe from a Tasty video you have wanted to try from before.

We all love Tasty videos, and they never fail to keep our mouths water. So why don’t you try something from that. Grab the ingredients and have a go. Maybe you were the next Master Chef the world never knew!

  1. Talk to your mom/ dad/ sibling/ spouse- check up on them, see how they are doing.

Social media and our daily activities make our lives so busy, so when you have the time, go and talk with your family. Get out of the room, have a chat. Trust me, they miss being able to talk to you because you are in your room all the time, so spend some time with them. Make a joke, ask them how they are doing. You may not realise it, but sometimes talking to family helps a lot.

  1.  Watch a good movie

Watching movies and Tv series are one of my favourite things to do- especially after a heptic day. Watch a movie or series that you love. You can seriously Netflix and chill and I really mean chill this time.

Check out some good movies that I love here.

  1. Get a packet of biscuit, make a good cup of tea- and enjoy it.

As a Sri Lankan, my love for tea is insane. I remember I had a phase in my life where I would have over 5 cups of tea a day. Its so warm and refreshing, and with a good butter biscuit- DAMN. It feels amazing. Whoever made the saying “it’s the little things that matter” really put together the words perfectly.

  1. Try to start something you wanted to do, but procrastinated.

We all have that one thing to do that’s pending- and by this I’m not meaning the next thing to tick off in your Things to Do list. This is the activity that you know you have to start at some point, for you to feel like you did something with your life. In my scenario, I want to get myself to play the guitar, and I want to learn. Take your first step at a time like this, research about it and make it count. You only got one life to live- make it worth the living. (That sounded really philosophical!)

  1. Dust off your laptop- we all know it has dust.

Sri Lanka has a lot of dust. And if you also live in a dusty area, you know what I mean. And when you use the laptop, you just now that it needs cleaning. 

Take care of your beloved items if technology- whether it is your laptop, phone, tab, or even you iPod. (if people still use that)

  1. Decorate your room.

As ladies, we always have dreamt of the perfect bedroom, and sometimes we just won’t have it in reality. If you find decorating it a bit expensive- rearrange the look of it. Google up a few hacks and let your creativity run wild.


So what do you guys think? Does this seem to be like a good list that you will try out? These were really helpful for me when I was bored, and do hope that your boredom will be much brighter now!

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!



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