Hot Summer Clothes To Wear This Summer In Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a warm country with its location, and sometimes it can get really hot. Burning hot. The skin gets dark so quickly, that you can have the perfect tan in like full 2 minutes staying in the Sri Lankan sun. Due to this weather, it is very important to keep yourself safe from the sun, and not to forget that you are moisturized.

Here is a checklist of essential items that you need to take care your skin while in Sri Lanka.

  1. Hat/ Cap/ Umbrella

The sun is really bright and the head burns really quickly. This results in severe headaches easily, so to avoid that it is best if you can ne of the three to protect yourself. If the tan is in mind- do note that the sun is really strong and you can get a lot tanner than you expect. Yup, that’s right- you can get that ugly tan if you don’t protect yourself.

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2. Sunglasses

The reasons why sunglasses are important are the same reasons as in your country. If your sunglasses are Polarized its better because the glare is really strong in here. If you don’t have sunglasses don’t worry, there are plenty of sunglasses shops available in Sri Lanka- including brands like Ray- Ban, Vogue, Michael Kors, Versace, Coach etc.

Make sure that you don’t forget your sunnies, because later you will be glad because you didn’t. If you want to explore more and have less headaches, then having this accessory can do that for you.

  1. Sunscreen

Like you use in summer, sunscreen is important. The locals hardly use any sunscreen- and that’s because our skin is made for these kinds of temperatures. The fair crowd in the country either are born that way, or they really do use some sunscreen. 

My advice is that it is best if you can bring your own sunscreen, but if you couldn’t don’t worry- you can get them in any supermarket or drug store island-wide.

  1. Moisturizer

The heat easily takes up all moisture and that is why you need to be moisturized often. Make sure that the moisturizer is a bit thicker in consistency because it will last longer. 

To be really honest with you, applying thick creams is hard because when you tend t swat it becomes greasy and a tad bit messy. But trust me after a couple of minutes it will all be absorbed into your skin so that shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. Lip balm

Chapped lips on vacation? Hell no! To make your pout looking as smoochalisious (I think I just made that word up :P) as possible always keep them moisturized with a good lip balm. Maybelline’s Baby Lips, EOS balm, Burt’s Beets, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter are some of the best that works here. Make sure that you always have this in your bag!

On the other hand, two of the best Sri Lankan lip balm brands are Janet and Spa Ceylon. Janet is on the less expensive side while Spa Ceylon is towards the more expensive side because it is Luxury Ayurveda,

  1. Cotton clothes

With the heat that is around Sri Lanka, the comfiest clothing is cotton. It just makes you feel so good, and don’t feel shy to wear a baggy tee with your shorts if you are visiting here. The best place that I personally buy my cotton clothes are from the following stores: Spring & Summer, Cotton Collection, Odel and Arienti. The range is high in these stores and they also have super cute and comfy clothes for everyone.

Also, I would really recommend you to purchase something in Bathik, if it’s a sarong, dress or even top. They are so comfortable and long lasting- plus they are a work of art! You can read why Bathik is one of my favourite clothing here.

  1. Flip flops

When you are in paradise, flip flops are crucial! Make sure you have a pair of these with you because you never know when you would want to go to the beach. Also, you can wear flip flops anywhere in Sri Lanka without any shame. Fun fact- There is a local brand called Waves. In the mall called Marino Mall they have a store, and in that you can customize your own slippers! You get to add cute pins and all and they are super adorable!

There is another brand called Arugam Bay- named after the locatioin in Sri Lanka. I was 14 when I had my first pair, and Arugam Bay is also the first in the country to introduce funky slippers and the trend to wear contrasting colours together. They do have a clothing and accessories line as well, and also the customization options for slippers. Apart from these they also have different slipper/ shoe designs from wedge heels to stylish slip ons.

  1. Shoes/ Sneakers/ Sandals

If you’re the picky kind that loves your fair feet. Wearing shoes/ sneakers or sandals are the best and easy way to get yourself around comfy when exploring around Sri Lanka.

  1. Denim

Anytime and anyplace wearing denim is the best choice ever made! Denim trousers go with anything, and it’s the same here. So, don’t forget to pack up your denim/s when you come over!

  1. Deodorant

The heat in Sri Lanka is sometimes unbearable and what’s nasty about it is people who don’t wear deodorant. Mind about your personal grooming and make sure that THIS IS A MUST when you are travelling to any country with a hot climate like Sri Lanka.

  1. Water bottle

Hydration is important and water is always the best drink. These are so many options of drinks available (you can read my top choices here) but water is crucial. Always make sure to have a bottled water with you to ensure hygiene and lack to avoid dehydration.

When getting ready for a tropical vacation, eventhough it requires pre preperation, it has a different experience each and every time. As a Sri Lanka, there are so many changes by the day. And that’s the best part about it. You never know what is in store, but all you can do is to be prepared for some wonderful experience here! Happy Travels! 🙂 

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!