Hi Everyone!

Sri Lanka has a lot of variations in terms of snacking, because it has all kinds- sweet, sour, spicy, hot, cold, healthy and junk. All of these are super easy to find, and are super cheap as well. These are not the best options for healthy snacking, but these sure do make your taste buds happy! Here are a few must try snacks when in Sri Lanka that are my absolute favourite!

  1. Murukku

Murukku is a crunchy snack you can literally find anywhere in Sri Lanka. It comes in loose quantities as well as in branded packs. Murukku is made out of flour and is fried. Into the batter is added either spice or sweet- depending on the type that you would love to opt into. They come in different shapes and sizes in all kinds of flavours. You can find murukku literally anywhere in Sri Lanka, from small boutiques, grocery shops, selected restaurants and supermarkets.

If you have tried Murukku, what is your favourite type?

2. Isso vade (Prawn wade/ cake)

This is one of the island’s best served delicacy, and also one of the most sought out snack. 

Isso wade is a small oval shaped snack topped with 2-3 prawns, that is half pre friend prior and once ordered is fully fried and is garnished with a sauce that includes green chili, carrots, onions and lime. 

The cost of one Isso wade can range between Rs. 25 – Rs.50 and definitely this is affordable.

If you had walked down Galle face, or even Viharamahadevi park you must have noticed a small cart that literally looks orange and filled with lots of flat orange cake like “stuff.” 

Look closely to see if It’s been topped with 2 or 3 prawns, and then you know you have come to the right spot.

3. Tipi Tip

Every Sri Lankan child’s most favoured, and parents most hated snack is Tipi Tip. It’s this memory that follows everyone in Sri Lanka to still keep eating it regardless of age. Tipi Tip comes in a green packet, and is a star shaped, onion flavoured chip and is found in any grocery or supermarket anywhere in Sri Lanka. It comes in many flavours, but the green onion flavoured pack is the classic. This was even awarded the Super Brand award in 2006, and you have to try this if you visit Sri Lanka. (Sri Lankans you agree with me, right?)

4. Manioc Chips

Manic or Cassava is a root vegetable and these crunchy chips are made by frying them. You can make these chips easily at home, or literally find it anywhere in Sri Lanka. They come in loose as well as branded packs. Just like potato chips, this snack is a munchy and crunchy delight and you won’t realise that you’re done until you’ve reached the bottom of the bag! 

  1. Vegatable Rotti (Elawalu Rotti)

Sri Lanka is popular for its rotti. In this case these are triangle shaped flour delicacies stuffed inside with a mix of potato, carrots, leeks, pepper, salt, mustard seeds and sometimes even peas. 

Vegetable rotti can be found in shops across Sri Lanka and popularly they are made starting from 4pm- tea time. 

The best way to have this is hot, and with a cup of plain tea or even milk tea. This savory snack not only is yummy but also fills up your tummy until you eat dinner!

6. Yogurt

One of Sri Lanka’s famous snack is Yogurt. Due to Sri Lanka’s hot climate, Sri Lankans love cold snacks as well. Yogurt plays a major role here since these are easily available in any grocery or super market in Sri Lanka. Both local and international luxury brands are available in the shops. Sri Lankan diary companies have been experimenting with flavours and we have an interesting range of flavours available in the market.


Hungry already? I get you. All of these taste amazing just like they look. But mind you, like I said before- it is not the healthiest option. However, these snacks are what makes Sri Lankan snacks Sri Lankan. 

Hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article!