Handbag essentials in 2023

Hello everyone!

We have all had our fair share of days when we have used our handbags as portable garbage bags with us just shoving anything and everything when we got the chance. I was recently cleaning out my handbag and realised I never even knew I had some of the things when I needed them- and it truly put things perspective to me as to how little I knew about the actual purpose of me even carrying one.

I used to have a phase where I literally owned Mary Poppin’s bag to it being the said junkyard; but I’m here to say that I am back, and I have never been happier. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is a satisfaction knowing that you have everything you need right with you at all times.

For easy reference here’s a quick checklist of things you need at all times.

I’m breaking this list into two parts- super essentials you must have in any sized bag and then a few extra things you can add if you have space (in no particular order).

The super essentials

  1. Wallet
  2. Phone
  3. Keys
  4. Medicine (immediate meds/ emergency meds)
  5. Lip balm/ Lipstick

The rest

6. Sunglasses/ Reading glasses

7. Hand sanitizor

8. Tissue packet (wet/ dry)

9. Travel sized moisturizer

10. Perfume atomizer

11. Power bank and charger

12. Breath mints/ gum

13. Hair ties

14. Notepad/ pen (or you can use the notes app in your phone)

15. Extra face mask

Hope this list helps! Let me also know if you have some interesting handbag must haves and share in the comments!