120 Best (Christmas) Gift Ideas in Sri Lanka 2021

Hello everyone!

With the holidays just around the corner I wanted to curate a list of items that can be easily purchased here in Sri Lanka!

As promised in my YouTube video, here are the links. These are not affiliate links and if you guys find better places to purchase please feel free to share in the comments below!

I hope you guys find this list helpful! 🙂


  1. Tripod- Daraz
  2. Ring light- Daraz
  3. Headphones/ Earphones- Daraz, Abans
  4. Power bank- Daraz, Miniso (DM for delivery)
  5. Long charger- Daraz
  6. Multiplugs- Daraz
  7. Wireless charger- Daraz 
  8. Tiny mike- Miniso (DM for delivery)
  9. Mini projector- Daraz
  10. Polaroid camera- CameraLK camera film- Daraz
  11. Mini printer- Daraz, Huawei

clothingbranded electronics

  1. Drone- Daraz, CameraLK
  2. Apple products- Abans, Daraz
  3. Smart speakers- Daraz, Life Mobile, Genius Mobile
  4. Smart watches- Smartwatches.lk, Daraz, Huawei
  5. Nintendo Switch- Daraz, Tecroot

room décor

  1. Neon lights- Shein
  2. Lamp- Shein, Daraz
  3. Blankets- Shein
  4. Diffuser- Shein, Daraz
  5. Plants- Shein, Daraz
  6. Posters- Daraz
  7. Vinyl player/ record- Ubuy.lk
  8. Bed sheets- Shein, Daraz, Celcius
  9. Macramé items- Shein, Daraz
  10. Action figures/ figurines- Collectique
  11. Plushies- Miniso
  12. Crystals- Caring crystals
  13. Scented candles- Candle House Ceylon, Spa Ceylon, Odel
  14. Storage boxes- Miniso (DM for delivery)
  15. Wallpaper- Shein, Daraz
  16. Moon lamp- Daraz, Shein
  17. Led string light- Shein, Daraz
  18. Star light projector- Daraz, Shein

beauty/ skincare

  1. Gift Sets- Spa Ceylon, The Body Shop, Luv Essence, Fourth Ray Beauty, SOL Body
  2. Face Roller/ Gua Sha- Fourth Ray Beauty
  3. Face masks- Fourth Ray Beauty, The Body Shop, Spa Ceylon
  4. Eye patches- Spa Ceylon, Fourth Ray Beauty, The Body Shop
  5. Perfume- Perfumerie, Luv Essence, Spa Ceylon, The Body Shop
  6. Skincare- Cetaphil, Cera Ve, Ordinary, Fourth Ray Beauty 
  7. Shampoo and conditioner- Spa Ceylon, The Body Shop
  8. Scented cream- The Body Shop, Spa Ceylon, Luv Essence, Fourth Ray Beauty
  9. Hand cream- Luv Essence, The Body Shop
  10. Lip balm- Luv Essence, The Body Shop, Fourth Ray Beauty
  11. Body scrubs- Bath Bliss, Luv Essence, The Body Shop, SOL Body
  12. Bath bombs- Relive
  13. Loofas- Daraz
  14. Bath tub caddy- Daraz
  15. Mini Fridge- Dar


  1. Massage- Spa Ceylon (these vouchers are redeemable for spa rituals- Rs. 3,000 voucher, Rs. 5,000 voucher)
  2. Sail Lanka- Day cruises, Overnight cruises
  3. Hot Air ballooning- Sri Lanka Balloon, Sun Rise Ballooning


  1. Tumblers- Miniso
  2. Card holders- Odel
  3. Wallets- Odel
  4. Chains/ Necklaces/ Earrings- Swarovski, Odel, Cotton Collection, Cool Planet, Shein
  5. Shoes- Shein
  6. Fluffy slippers- Shein, Daraz
  7. Tights- Cool planet, Daraz, Shein
  8. Sunglasses- Shein
  9. Belts- Shein
  10. Scarves- Shein
  11. Brooches/ Pins- OdelCotton CollectionCool Planet, Shein
  12. Claw clips- Shein
  13. Hair accessories- Daraz
  14. Nail Polish sets/ mix and match colours- Daraz
  15. Makeup pouch- Miniso
  16. Fuzzy bags- Shein
  17. Purses/ shoulder bags- Shein
  18. Tote bags- Shein
  19. Scrunchies- Shein, Daraz
  20. Hair towel- Shein
  21. Manicure set- Shein
  22. Nail art stuff (stamp set/ press on nails/ nail stickers)- Shein


  1. Yoga Mat- Daraz, Miniso (DM for delivery)
  2. Athletic clothes- Daraz, Shein
  3. Yoga pants- Daraz, Shein
  4. Leggings- Cool planet, Daraz, Shein
  5. Gym equipment (resistance bands/ ankle weights/ dumbells)- Daraz Shein
  6. Protein powder


  1. Portable blender- BlendJet
  2. Reusable straw set- Daraz
  3. Travel cutlery set- Daraz
  4. International travel universal socket- Daraz


  1. Hand painted t-shirt
  2. Hand painted drawing
  3. Custom phone case
  4. DIY gift basket (jewelry/ skincare/ accessories)
  5. Advent calendar
  6. 2022 custom calendar- Leaf, Anim8
  7. 2022 custom diary- Leaf, Anim8

self- improvement/ care

  1. Custom pen- Pen House
  2. Bullet journal- Daraz
  3. Notebooks- Daraz
  4. Planner- Daraz
  5. Calligraphy pen set- Daraz
  6. Books
  7. Comics
  8. Kindle- Daraz


  1. Waffle maker- Daraz
  2. Magic bulllet- Daraz
  3. Nutella Jar- Daraz
  4. Fancy olive oil- Daraz
  5. Greek Yoghurt- Frutty Fro Yo, Aeri
  6. Gouda or any kind of fancy cheese- Maia cheese
  7. Starbucks drinks- Daraz
  8. Chocolate- Daraz, Mac Mart
  9. Tea- Daraz
  10. Coffee- Daraz, Chamberlain Coffee (by YouTuber Emma Chamberlain)

Happy Shopping!!




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